Benefits of choosing a small Digital Marketing Agency or Freelancer

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Benefits of choosing a small Digital Marketing Agency or Freelancer

With ever increasing trends toward doing business in the online space it’s never been more important to maximise your websites impact and ensure you’re getting your slice of the online market pie. This may lead you to search for a digital marketing agency but which one is right for you? In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits of choosing to work with a small digital marketing agency or freelancer over a big agency.

Why choose a small digital marketing agency?

  1. Support local business
  2. More invested in your business
  3. Communication will be more personalised
  4. Cost-effective

In this video, we’re going to look at the benefits of choosing to work with a small digital marketing agency or freelancer over a big agency.

First off, let’s get one of the biggest drawbacks out of the way and that is that big agencies can offer a very wide range of services. 

When you’re talking about digital marketing you have SEO, paid advertisements in a number of different channels, social media marketing, videography, photography, email marketing, building funnels, developing websites or apps, and the list goes on and on. 

Small agencies or freelancers probably won’t offer all of this to you. If they’re smart they won’t try to. 

Rather they will offer you a handful of services that they do really well in – that they’re specialists in and that they have proven results in. 

So with that being said, let’s go into some of the benefits of why you might choose to work with a smaller agency or freelancer. 

4 Key Benefits

There’s four key points I want to discuss…

1. Supporting local small business

So the first one is that you’re supporting a small, local Australian business.

There’s that saying that when you support a small business an actual person does a happy dance and that’s true, like we get excited when there’s the potential to work with a new client and build that relationship. 

Many big agencies will often outsource to overseas so that’s just something to consider.

2. More invested in your business

Point number two is that a small agency or freelancer will often be more invested in your business. So they don’t have these huge teams and departments and long list of clients. 

Every client really means a lot. They can’t afford to lose one. 

Along with that, they’ll often raise valuable opportunities or insights they see that can benefit your business. Even if it’s out of scope, even if it doesn’t directly benefit them. 

You know, “Hey I saw this idea, I think it would work really well for your business and complement the campaigns that we’re running.” 

3. Communication will be more personalised.

Number three is communication. Communication will be more personalised with a small agency or freelancer. 

If you’ve ever worked with a big agency you might’ve felt like you were just another number or just another client. Sometimes account managers can even go missing or delay to reply to your emails. (It feels like they’re missing, hopefully they didn’t actually go missing.)

But you know you just don’t feel like you’re getting that personal communication of somebody who knows your account and your business and is working in with you regularly.

4. Cost-effective

Point four is that it’s cost-effective. That’s not to say that it’s always going to be cheaper than working with a big agency, but you’re basically getting almost the equivalent of an in-house marketing person for a fraction of what the salary might be. 

When you work with a big agency you know you’re paying for a range of different staff. You’re usually speaking to an account manager who will then have to go communicate that to a number of different people and sometimes things can get lost in that whereas when you’re working with a small agency or freelancer you’re often speaking pretty directly or closely tied to the person who will be doing the implementation.

So the communication is more one-on-one, you’re on the same page it’s not really going to get lost down the line. So I think that good communication is really something that I think people are starting to value over some of what the big agencies can offer.

But those are my four key points. I’m curious to know though if you have been looking at a digital marketing agency and you’re a little bit hesitant to go with a small agency or freelancer what are your reservations? What’s kind of holding you back or what are your concerns of going with a smaller guy versus a very big one? Let me know. Thanks.