Facebook Advertising

that stops the scroll

Do you already have Facebook and want a pair of expert eyes to look over it?

Our free 3 Tips video may just be for you! We use Loom video recorder to to audit your account and give you 3 tips for how to get more out of your campaign.

Are you getting the best out of social media advertising so you can connect with your customers in a natural and powerful way?

You know that Facebook and Instagram advertising are the reigning champions when it comes to social media, but it’s not always clear how to make it work for you?

…you’ve tried boosting some of your posts but know there’s much more opportunity on the platform

… you feel like you’re missing out on all of the effective and specific targeting options to really hone in on your ideal customer

… you’re not sure what the impact from your advertising campaigns really is…

If any of this sounds familiar, we’re here to bring you clarity.

How we can help you

Facebook/Instagram advertising reaches people where they are already hanging out online, scrolling through  travel pics and snaps of their friends’ kids… content that feels natural and engaging. We can help you catch their attention and stop the scroll using the latest advertising strategies, tools and techniques to create engaging campaigns that deliver results.

We’re skilled in the full range of placements and targeting options across Facebook and Instagram.


With our secret recipe of complex targeting tactics,  we’ll create clever audiences to reach your ideal client including demographics, interests and online behaviour.


We can take care of the ad creative and ad copy for you using fresh techniques and engaging content to stop the scroll and get your brand noticed.


When it comes to social media advertising, testing is the name of the game. We’ll uncover what’s working to get you the most from your advertising.

Is your brand taking full advantage of social media advertising to cleverly target your customers and reach them where they hangout?

Facebook Pixel Setup

We can implement the Facebook Pixel on your website so you can unlock all of Facebook’s advertising strategic features and targeting opportunities.

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Facebook Chatbots

Take your social media engagement to the next level and provide instant customer service by having us custom-build a chatbot for you.

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Facebook Advertising Strategy

Together, we’ll map out a plan to reach your customers at each stage of their buying journey and walk them down the sales funnel.

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Dynamic Product Ads

Show the specific products your customers were just browsing or upsell complementary products with dynamic product ads – perfect for ecommerce businesses.

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Stop the scroll.

Chat with us about cleverly targeting your customers on social media.