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Australians visit holiday destinations around the country over 99 million times each year. There are 9.1 million international visitors annually and over $44 billion dollars spent in the tourism industry. Want to get your share and grow your tourism business? We can help.

At Kaiza Media, we really shine when teaming up with Australian tourism businesses for Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. Our experience spans across accommodation and holiday parks, scenic helicopter and seaplane tours, vineyard tours, car hire, annual festivals and popular tourist attractions and monuments.

We will work with you to craft a strategy so you’re booking out in advance and generating a real return on investment.


OPportunity Awaits

9.1 Million International Visitors to Australia

9.1 Million International Visitors
to Australia each year


99 Million Domestic Visits
to tourism destinations across the country

cash-register (2).png

$44 Billion Dollars
is spent within the tourism industry


How We Help

Strategic Approach

We’ll craft a strategy tailored for your audience and your business goals. We can help you send the right message to your customers with clever ad copy and on-brand creative. From Google Ads to Facebook Advertising or a strategy that combines both each playing to their strengths, we have the expertise to help you succeed online.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is our speciality. As a certified Google Specialists, we have worked with over 80 clients on their AdWords accounts across multiple industries. We’ve seen it all. With considered keyword research, alignment and execution we can confidently achieve results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising can reach your audience in a targeted way where they're naturally hanging out online. According to our strategy we’ll carefully create audiences for targeting and remarketing, write compelling ad copy and provide creative direction.

Data-Driven Decisions

You don't know what's working if you can't make sense of the data. We can help you implement a complete setup or do a health check of your Google Analytics. From there, our dedicated Digital Marketing Analyst can tease out the data to discover meaningful insights and help you make informed data-driven business decisions moving forward.


Who We’ve Helped

Vineyard tours company

Eco Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation

Popular tourism attraction

Seaplane tour company

Scenic helicopter tours

Annual Festival event

Limousine Hire



We’ve helped a client gain a 22% ROI from their Advertisements.

We’ve helped a client achieve a 22% ROI from their Advertisements.

One client’s Google Adwords now has a 3 x the amount of traffic at a 5%

One client’s Google Adwords account now has a 3x the amount of traffic at a 5% CTR (Click-Through-Rate).


In less than 6 months, we helped one client achieve 220+ extra sales via their advertisements.



WE have you covered

At Kaiza Media, we can customise and target your ad spend and budget, to give you the greatest Return on your Investment. No matter what area of tourism you serve, we can help. Some examples of businesses we cover include:

  • Guided Tours

  • Luxury and Local Cruises

  • Beer/ Wine/ Nightclub Tours

  • Skydiving / Adventure Activities

  • Travel Agents

  • Tourism Booking Companies

  • Accommodation


Your service package will be customised to you to provide the optimal solution for marketing to grow your tourism business and reach the huge tourism population in Australia. We will tailor the following options from Google Ads to Facebook Ads to meet the needs of your business. Your package will include:

  • Defining your Target Audience & Business Goals - with a 1 on 1 online meeting where we can build an understanding of the keywords you would like to target, the market landscape and seasonality of your business.

  • Search & Display Network campaigns - a configured and set-up advertising campaign ready to target your defined audience as well as those looking for a service such as yours. This will instantly put you on the front page, bringing you traffic to your business and also grow and build brand awareness.

  • Ad Copywriting - Capturing and effectively highlighting what sets your business apart by using optimal wording and phrasing, to convey the value for customers to make an engagement with your business.

  • Remarketing - Targeting previous visitors to your website that haven’t made a sale or enquiry just yet. These can also be those who have been to your competitor's website, ideally converting them to do business with your company or service instead.

  • Conversion Tracking - Analysis of those site visitors who have reached a specified goal, understanding their behaviours and expanding your audience,  enhancing the likelihood of similar demographics to also convert.

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