CASE STUDY: K-Beauty Brand, eCommerce

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K-Beauty Brand, eCommerce

This Korean Beauty brand was seeing rapid growth and expansion but was facing strong competition from others in the market. To improve its growth, it looked to increase website traffic and drive online product sales. To do so, we used Google Ads campaigns and focused on the most popular, best-selling brands. We used strong hooks to entice users to click on their ads over competitors and took advantage of visual display ads to reinforce the brand aesthetic and show ads to users browsing beauty websites and blogs. The result?
75% of website traffic came from Google Ads and the best-selling product brand campaigns converted at a rate of 9.5-11.83%.


  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive skincare product sales through online shop (WooCommerce WordPress)


  • Focused on the best-selling brands
  • Used the hooks for ‘Get 15% Off Your First Order’ and ‘Free Shipping on Orders Over $80’
  • Used visual Display Ads across websites for our target demographic, beauty sites and blogs, etc.


  • 75% of website traffic come from users via Google Ads
  • 5.46% conversion rate across the account with a 9.5-11.83% conversion rate for the best-selling product brand campaigns
  • Average order value of $61

*At the request of the client, their name has been kept confidential.