5 Benefits of Google Ads for Your Tourism Marketing Strategy

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For years Australia has seen a steady increase both in international tourism and domestic tourism with the growth projections expected to continue.

As a tourism or travel marketing manager or operator, how do you know what online marketing channels to invest in?

Utilising Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is part of any effective tourism marketing strategy.

Here are 5 benefits of Google Ads to Your Tourism Marketing Strategy:

Benefit 1 – Immediate Results

Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that takes months to build up traction, Google Ads allows you to immediately get your tourism business in the top placements of the Google Search Results Page.

Right away your ads will start showing to potential customers and get visitors coming to your website browsing your offers and travel packages.  That’s win #1!

From there it’s all about optimising the Google Ads / AdWords campaign to target your ideal customer and get more conversions at a lower cost.

Benefit 2 – You Only Pay When a User Clicks Your Ad

Ever thought about a billboard or bus advertisement and wondered how many people might take action from it? It can be a little vague to know the estimate figures and results.

With Google Ads, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you only pay when a user clicks your ad to visit your website.

Plus, there is a great deal of historical data and projection data to give you a good idea before we launch a campaign about what results you can expect. Only paying when a user clicks your ad can give you the confidence that your investment will be worthwhile.

Benefit 3 – Gain Valuable Customer Insight

Whilst Google Ads does provide immediate results, the real benefit comes a few months in at which point we have sufficient data to make smart data-driven optimisations.

Is there a particular location that seems to be driving conversions? A particular demographic that is liking your ads? What about the best times of day and day of the week to show your brand’s ads? We can start to learn all of this about your audience and make the right choices to stretch your ad spend further and maximise results.

This is also great insight you can use to inform your other marketing channels, such as testing a keyword to see if it will perform well before you spend months organically SEO optimising for it or learning more about what messaging resonates with your customers.

Benefit 4 – Build Your Brand

 Google Ads can get your brand in front of your ideal customer and keep it top-of-mind throughout their holiday trip planning.

Travellers need time to make their holiday arrangements and bookings, so by having your ad popup regularly and show to them across the web through display remarketing you can ensure that they won’t have forgotten you when it’s time to book.

Benefit 5 – Show Up on Related Travel Websites and Blogs

As your customers are planning their holiday, they’ll likely be browsing around at other travel websites and blogs for things to do, where to eat, travel advice and other deals. Your brand’s display ads could show up on sites like stayz.com.au, travel.nine.com.au and more.

Ensuring your brand appears on travel-related websites and blogs helps customers to see your brand as a trustworthy tourism operator.

Want to learn more about Google Ads for your travel business? We can help. We have experience helping seaplane tour companies, luxury accommodation brands, holiday parks, vineyard tours, iconic tourist landmarks and more. Get in touch today. Email kelsey@kaizamedia.com.au